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      两台YR10012-10和YR900-8钢铁破碎电机成功下线发货>>您当前位置:网站首页 > 新闻动态 > 公司新闻 >


    作者:admin 时间:2018-01-14 10:58


    Recently, following the November 2017 our company successfully delivered YR10012-10 and YR900-8 ,3000KW ,10kV motor which is for broken steel, won the customer order.  此次研发为拖动大型破碎机设计制造,并替代同类进口产品,在废钢铁破碎机械制造企业提供了可靠废钢的动力保证。电机电气性能指标达到进口同类产品水平,部分参数优于进口产品。


    The R & D is designed for the large crusher and replaced by similar imported products. It provides reliable power guarantee for scrap steel in scrap iron and steel crushing machinery manufacturing enterprises. The electrical performance index of the motor has reached the same level of imported products, and some parameters are superior to the imported products.



    This series of products is a wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, reliable performance, convenient installation and maintenance, and has strong overload capacity. Through the resistance of the rotor loop, the small starting current can be realized and the starting torque can be provided, and the speed regulation can be realized in a small range. This product can not only be used for dragging scrap crusher, but also for heavy load equipment such as hoist, rolling mill, mill and hoist in iron and steel, electric power, cement and mining industries.



    The R & D achievements of this project belong to our company's key R & D products, marking the new step in the design and manufacturing capabilities of large wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motors, and open a new prospect for our company in the field of motor manufacturing in the large-scale scrap steel production line.

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